Welcome Coaches!

Thank you for taking your time to be a coach, here is a little info on how your teams photo day will go. 

Order forms and Online Ordering Links will be provided to hand out prior to your photo day. Parents may choose to fill out forms ahead of time, order online ahead of time. Forms will also be available in the studio or on location the day of session. Have all players in their uniforms along with any props. (Baseball/softball/t-ball bring glove and bat) (Football/cheer bring football or pompoms) Understand that I try to get teams in and out so please be sure parents are aware of time and not late. Normally younger children take slightly longer. If parents have any questions, please refer them to my parent guide

My method of photographing your team is done the same time I photograph their individual portraits. Children are photographed in several different poses. One of those poses will be used to create a team composite. This saves time trying to line up and get 12+ kids to all look at the same time with a smile. I will choose the best pose for the team photo. Coaches may choose whether or not be included in the team photo. Sessions are preferably held in studio to keep all lighting the same as well as no delays or cancelations for weather. I try to have individuals in and out of studio within 15 minutes of arriving.  In the situation that you prefer me to travel to your location that option is availble as well.

Galleries are typically up to view within 2 weeks of session, orders are in within 4 weeks give or take few. 

Payments in studio can be made by cash, check, credit/debit. 

Sports Parent Guide

Welcome! Here you will get the inside details on how Sports Sessions are done at C&J Moments.

All sessions are done and photographed on a grey backdrop (unless another location is preferred). On average I shoot 3 to 5 poses of each child. One of more images will be used for whatever package you choose, and one image will be used for the team composite. 

Payments accepted at studio are cash, check, and credit/debit.

What if my child is sick or cannot make photo day?

No worries at all! Since we do team composites your child can easily be added into the photo. A separate makeup day will be provided with no additional charge.

May I pose my kids together or get "buddy" pictures?

Yes, we offer sibling and buddy poses. 

When is payment due?

Payment is due day of session. Extra prints may be ordered from the gallery once posted.

I lost my order form now what?

No worries there! I keep plenty of order forms on hand at the studio!